Simplify your digital life.

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Dashboards: Your new Big Picture

Dashboards combine information and features from across Kinoma apps to simplify and speed everyday tasks.

screenshotThe Play Dashboard shows all your up-to-the-minute info, from social networks to weather. Places shows what’s nearby, including business info and fun places to go. Music is a music lover’s dream, with fun and useful info and media about what you’re listening to. Search lets you search across all Kinoma apps. Send shares your media — play videos to a TV, tweet about a song, and much more.


Apps, apps, apps

Kinoma Play features a suite of 50 must-have apps focused around digital media, social networking, location, and search.

The best part? Kinoma apps work together to let you do amazing things that ordinary apps can't. Want to stream your entire music library from home? Can do. Upload photos on Flickr to Facebook? Easy.


Awesome content, always at your fingertips

With Kinoma Play, your mild-mannered phone becomes a multimedia master — video, music, podcasts, photos, internet radio, webcams and more.

Use the amazing Kinoma Guide to find and play the best of the web — everything from shows by NPR, BBC and Fox, radio from all over the world, to live webcams at the best zoos and aquariums.

Nothing else makes it so easy to find and play all kinds of cool stuff on your phone.

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